Staff Development

Developing means adding to your knowledge, experience and developing in the care you provide (person centre care). Training frequently is part of your development, also more importantly, putting what you learn in your training into practice.

To improve our business, we offer booster training to equip staff with the skills and knowledge in mandatory training updates. Say Opal Healthcare has procedures in place to ensure all staff are appropriately trained and qualified for their duty role. In your interview/induction we will explain and introduce you to our procedures. We will try and support you in update/refresher courses; some courses are via e-learning and are provided by an ACCREDITED training provider with proper certificates provided at the end of the course.

You can seek assistance and information regarding your personal development plan from your manager and we will try to help you to achieve your potential.

Your manager will review your training development needs and you can make suggestions of any training you would like to take and we will try our best to support you; also an annual appraisal will be carried out. The training will help the effectiveness of both parties, most especially the employee. Course lists are available. Taking part in the training and updating of your professional development will help you to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to do the jobs which you have been recruited for.