Core Values Underpinning Our Standards

Our vision is to care and Say Opal aims to ensure that all aspects of care are dealt with promptly, efficiently and fairly. At all times we are committed to provide you with the highest standard of service.

Equality and Diversity

We believe that at the heart of a healthy community is equality. Patients and staff should be treated equally and their background, culture are respected. At SOH we treat others fairly and give everyone the chance to participate. These core values have been used by our company and have been our code.

Care and Consent

We display professional attitude to keeps ourselves and others feeling safe at all times. To always take consent and talk through what care we are doing before/when carry it out.

Respect and Dignity

Each unique patient and staff should be treated with respect, speak politely, listen and show consideration for others feelings and property.

Independence and Prefer Choices

To promote independence according to patient care plan and what they prefer if they have capacity to do so for example prefer day to shower, prefer food according to patient care diet. Put people first and in the centre of good quality care.


To keep patient, self and other staff safe according to health and safety practice at work. To make patient feel safe in all aspect of their treatment and care plan.


To manage patient and staff confidentiality according to the nursing code of practice, information will not be disclose without consent or unless by appropriate legal channel or the need to protect the wellbeing of others.


To adhere to the local placement policies and procedures, the company and the regulations relating to safeguarding people.

Staff Voice

Staffs is an important part of our company, we encourage you to meet regularly with the manager to discuss issues that is important staff or ideas to move the company forward. A new relevant innovation and be ready to improve for tomorrow.